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The Best Practice for Contact Center (Call Center) CRM

Exceptionally Easy to use

FastHep5 is the next generation CRM System for Contact Center. TechMatrix puts all know-hows and knowledge accumulated through 20 years business experiences in Contact Center CRM field to develop FastHelp5. The newly designed user-friendly GUIs bring Comfort and Concentration to Contact Center. It enables to provide exceptional customer services far beyond customers' expectations.

Improve productivity of Drug Information Center

FastHelp Pe (Pharmaceutical edition) is the CRM System specialized to Drug Information (DI) Center of Pharmaceutical Company. It is based on FastHelp which is the best practices of Contact Center CRM, and expanded its functions to support DI Center specific business operations.

All products are available on Cloud service

All Fast Series products are available as a cloud service, "FastCloud". It can be used for various Contact Centers (Call Centers) in a variety of industries.
With FastCloud, you can quickly start using Fast Series, which is the best practice of Contact Center CRM, if you have only PCs and internet access environment.