Product Features

Exceptionally Easy to use

FastHep5 is the next generation CRM System for Contact Center. TechMatrix puts all know-hows and knowledge accumulated through 20 years business experiences in Contact Center CRM field to develop FastHelp5. The newly designed user-friendly GUIs bring Comfort and Concentration to Contact Center. It enables to provide exceptional customer services far beyond customers' expectations.

Product Features

5 Advanced features of FastHelp5

1. Easy to use
  • Intuitive and easy-to-use GUIs
  • High operability to prevent fatigue even in a long time use
2. Functionality
  • Rich and varied features
  • Practical functions condensed leading companies' know-how
3. Agility
  • Quick escalation to relevant persons whoever at anywhere
  • Share the information rapidly to the entire company
  • Performance management in real-time
4. Flexibility
  • Customizable on your business requirements
  • Optional products can be added as necessary
5. Scalability
  • Easy integration with other application systems
  • Highly scalable system architecture

Pick up The newly developed user-friendly GUIs

Easy to Use

  • Much smarter GUIs
  • Not to interfere with the thinking
Total moving distance of mouse pointer 30%Down、Capacity per application server 30%Up、Speeding up 40%Up

Easy to understand (Look & Feel)

  • Improvement of Visibility by color combination and layout of GUIs
  • Easy to see by Slide Display Method

Color combination is designed based on balance map. Agent can change screen color depending on his/her mood.

cute / clean / gorgeous / chic

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