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TechMatrix Opens Representative Office in Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok, April 9th, 2018 - TechMatrix Corporation announced today that it opened a representative office in Bangkok, Thailand on April 9, 2018 as part of measures to further strengthen CRM business development in the ASEAN region.
TechMatrix has been selling its contact center CRM system "Fast series" in the ASESAN region through its sales distributors in Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia since 2013, and finally have made decision to set up the representative office to strengthen sales and technical support to the distributors, in respond to rapidly expanding CRM system demand recently. At the same time, TechMatrix will investigate the diversity of contact center needs in the ASEAN region, especially needs of SNS compliance such as LINE, FACEBOOK, and etc. Through those survey activities, TechMatrix will provide CRM solutions widely used in the ASEAN region by adapting those SNS usage to support the local response.

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