Product Uniqueness

Maximize usage of FAQ knowledge

FastAnswer2 is a FAQ knowledge system that greatly enhances FAQ knowledge management and search functions necessary for customer support, improves operator response quality and operational efficiency, and improves customer self-resolution rate. It can be used as an integrated knowledge database by being able to collect and accumulate not only FAQs created by contact centers (call centers) and manuals for customer correspondence, but also operating instructions, product specifications, convention collections, past correspondence histories, etc. as knowledge.

Product Uniqueness

FastAnswer2 is FAQ knowledge solution that can be used for both of an external disclosure FAQ (customer FAQ) (* 1) such as "Frequently Asked Questions" posted on corporate websites and members dedicated sites, etc. and FAQ knowledge (* 2) consisting of internal FAQs and document information such as product information and convention collections which the operator refers to when dealing with customers at contact centers (call centers). For external disclosure and internal use, you can use them individually or both.

By using FastAnswer2, it is possible to accumulate "customer's voice" gathered at the contact center (call center) as knowledge and to reflect them as FAQ, so that freshness as a useful FAQ can be kept for the customer, and for the operator they will be able to respond with higher quality more in detail while looking at the FAQs referred to by customers. By doing this, it can promote customer self-resolution and improve satisfaction, and also improve operator response quality and operational efficiency.

(*1) The external disclosure (customer FAQ) site function will be released around spring 2018. Please contact us for more information.
(*2) The internal site function will be fully released in October 2017. Please contact us for more information.

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Pick up The biggest advantage of FastAnswer2

Concept is "Easy to make", "Easy to find" , "Easy to nurture"

The following problems have arisen in the creation, management and utilization of FAQ and knowledge.

  1. ①Hard to make useful FAQ/knowledge
  2. ②Hard to find desired FAQ/knowledge from enormous amount of information
  3. ③Knowledge is not updated to the latest information, does not increase

FastAnswer2 is developed to solve these FAQ · knowledge management issues.
It is reborn as the latest version FAQ knowledge solution to strengthen functions of "easy to make", "easy to find", "easy to grow", while keeping the concept of "FastAnswer" which accumurate the customer's voice gathered at the contact center (call center) as FAQ knowledge, and utilize it as a useful FAQ knowledge.

Pick up To realize "Easy to make", "Easy to find" , "Easy to nurture"

Easy user interface and excellent operability

With an intuitive and easy-to-use user interface, it dramatically improves the efficiency and productivity of operators who operate the screen. In addition, by improving "easy to create" FAQ · knowledge functions, it strongly supports the improvement of operational efficiency of FAQ knowledge administrators.

Provide advanced search function and comfortable FAQ and document browsing environment

It has an advanced search function that collects and accumulates FAQ and various document data as FAQ knowledge, and it finds the appropriate FAQ from the enormous FAQ knowledge. With this "easy-to-find" function, operators who use internal FAQs can quickly find the necessary information, so they can improve response quality and operational efficiency. In addition, customers who use external disclosure FAQs can promote self-resolution, thereby improving satisfaction and raising the likelihood for company.

Efficient management of both "FAQ for operator and internal staff" and "FAQ for customer"

It will centrally manage multiple sites on one system, such as operators · internal sites and external customers' sites (corporate websites and members sites). By doing this, FAQ knowledge administrator is freed from cumbersome management and can operate FAQ knowledge of high quality more efficiently. In addition, it has also strengthened the "easy-to-grow" function, such as recommending FAQs that need to be corrected.

Supports PDCA cycle with full reporting function

The report function is substantial so that you can diversely analyze FAQ knowledge usage situation such as FAQ Knowledge reference frequency, search log, etc. It supports for turning the PDCA cycle of FAQ knowledge by visualizing usage status.

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