Main Functions

Maximize usage of FAQ knowledge

FastAnswer2 is a FAQ knowledge system that greatly enhances FAQ knowledge management and search functions necessary for customer support, improves operator response quality and operational efficiency, and improves customer self-resolution rate. It can be used as an integrated knowledge database by being able to collect and accumulate not only FAQs created by contact centers (call centers) and manuals for customer correspondence, but also operating instructions, product specifications, convention collections, past correspondence histories, etc. as knowledge.

Main Functions

  • Advanced Search Function
  • Document Management Function
  • Crawling Documentation Function
  • WebAPI Function
  • Reporting Function
  • Multi-Device, Multi-site
  • Self-Customization Function
  • Self-Service Function(※)
  • Recommend/
    Assist Function
  • SEO Function
  • Option-Selection FAQ Function(※)
  • Web Form Function

(※) These functions will be released in the near future, please contact us for more details.

Pick up Evolved FAQ Knowledge solution

Advanced search function to achieve [Easy to use]

  • Knowledge search can be easily performed by "Keyword Suggest function" and "Content Suggest function ".
  • It performs user search support by "automatic correction function of search keyword", even if you make a mistake in keyword entry, it automatically corrects to the correct keyword for search.
  • Knowledge can be easily searched by tagging and tab searching for frequently used keywords and classifications.
  • By "facet-based narrowing-down function", how many knowledge exists for each knowledge classification, category, product, tag, is visualized clearly, so it can narrow down easily for each facet.
  • In addition to the above functions, it can quickly search FAQ knowledge that it would like to find with advanced search functions such as "Recommended Search Word Search", "Attachment Search"
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Advanced document management · Document crawling function

Manage documents and materials (such as manuals, instruction manuals, product specifications, conventions collections, etc.) created in PDF / Word / Excel / PowerPoint format as knowledge as well as attribute information such as document types as well as files. Since it is possible to register automatically collected documents by crawling the company file server, document management server, etc., it is not necessary to launch a screen like Explorer and search, and possible to search by FastAnswer2 alone.

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Two-ways linkage function with external system by Web API

The WebAPI function is greatly strengthened, and you can cross-search the data source of the external system (internal technical information site such as Redmine and Trac) and the FAQ knowledge information in FastAnswer2, and part of the external system can incorporate the search function of FastAnswer2.

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Fulfilling report (analysis) function

It supports PDCA cycle of FAQ knowledge by multilaterally analyzing and visualizing the usage status of FAQ knowledge such as knowledge reference frequency and search log by cross tabulation function etc. Notification of information such as "Knowledge that needs improvement", "Knowledge necessary to create", "Unnecessary knowledge", and it can improve FAQ knowledge based on user's contribution contents (Useful for this reason, not useful, etc.).


Multi-Device / Multi Site support

It optimizes display for each device by automatic judgment (responsive correspondence) of access from PC, smart phone, tablet.
With the multi-site function, when you want to separate knowledge sites for each department, product or service, centrally manage multiple contents (sites) in one system. With an external public site function (*) that allows you to construct "FAQ" sites on corporate websites, etc., it is possible to construct a website that anyone can "easily find" knowledge with SEO correspondence and accessibility support.

*The external public site function will be released by the end of 2018.

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Flexible user customization

With self-customization function, it freely adds classification of knowledge. In addition, it freely adds management items (columns) for each category of knowledge, and customizes the screen layout freely for each classification.

Integration with Contact Center system [FastHelp]

FastAnswer2 and FastHelp can be centrally managed in one database by integrating various master information and common functions such as person in charge, product information, FAQ information, category information, authority setting etc,.

External release as "customer FAQ" site function (*)

AI Function

Web Portal Function

Corresponding to SEO Function

Web design change Function

Recommand/Assist Function for improve self-Solving

Option-Selection form FAQ Function

Behavior history analysis Function

Web form creation Function

Comply to JIS-X-8341 Standard

The external public site function will be released by the end of 2018.

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