How it works (Implementation image)

Maximize usage of FAQ knowledge

FastAnswer2 is a FAQ knowledge system that greatly enhances FAQ knowledge management and search functions necessary for customer support, improves operator response quality and operational efficiency, and improves customer self-resolution rate. It can be used as an integrated knowledge database by being able to collect and accumulate not only FAQs created by contact centers (call centers) and manuals for customer correspondence, but also operating instructions, product specifications, convention collections, past correspondence histories, etc. as knowledge.

How it works (Integration image)

Centralized management of knowledge information necessary for customer support

FAQ and various document data can be managed and shared on FastAnswer2.
Information on FastAnswer2 and FastHelp can be managed centrally in a common database, so past inquiry information accumulated in FastHelp can also be shared as part of knowledge information.

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Advantage for implementation

For Users of FAQ/Knowledge (Contact Center / Customer support / Sales etc.)

  • In the contact center dramatically improves operator operational efficiency and response quality for complex and sophisticated inquiries through an intuitive and easy-to-use user interface and various search functions. It reduces operator stress and improves motivation, so vibrancy is born in the center, which leads to improved performance.
  • In sales and other department personnel they can use FAQs created at the contact center, materials for customer response, past correspondence history, etc. as knowledge, it is possible not only to respond promptly and accurately, but also can properly pick up and respond to requests from customers.

For Person-in-charge of FAQ/knowledge management

By utilizing FAQ · knowledge "easy-to-make" function, it improves the work efficiency of FAQ operations staff. Improvement of FAQ knowledge can be done easily by utilizing the rich report function.

For Customers

By using the rich search function on a web screen with high accessibility, it easily searches for the knowledge of the purpose, contributes to promotion of self-resolution and improvement of satisfaction.

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