Main Functions

Web Chat

"FastChat" which supports web chat handling with the contact center CRM system "FastHelp" makes it possible to centrally manage the chat history of web chat in addition to telephone, e-mail and SNS.

Main Functions and Services

Chat support function

  • Multithread chat response
  • Supporting answer function
  • Registration of User profile function
  • Prohibited words
  • Incoming Alart function
  • URL Push function
  • AI/BOT Linkage
  • Evaluation (Questionare) function
  • File Transfer function

Management function

  • Business hours setting
  • Change interface design
  • Download function
  • Real time monitoring
  • Communication Dialog history function (Chat history management)
  • operator group management function

Pick up Look and feel operability and multi-chat interface

FastChat provides the user interface to emphasizes easy-to-understand by look and feel design. Enable each operator to correspond to multiple customers at the same time. Also, even while chat is being answered, you can change to another person (operator). Before sending chat message from operator directly, FastChat also provides administrator for approval procedure

Response screen image for FastChat
■FastChat response screen image in FastHelp5

Pick up Implementation of omni-channel and unified management of information

You can search and download FastChat's contact history as well as conventional correspondence history such as telephone and e-mail.
We can analyze the operation status of operation center and visualize inquiry trend by report function which can freely design vertical axis and horizontal axis.

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