Main Functions

Exceptionally Easy to use

FastHep5 is the next generation CRM System for Contact Center. TechMatrix puts all know-hows and knowledge accumulated through 20 years business experiences in Contact Center CRM field to develop FastHelp5. The newly designed user-friendly GUIs bring Comfort and Concentration to Contact Center. It enables to provide exceptional customer services far beyond customers' expectations.

Main Functions

  • User-friendly interface
  • Templates for FAQ
  • Import and Export
  • Multi-channel compatibility
  • Report
  • Outbound
  • Ticket tracking
  • Centralized customer management
  • Talk scripts
  • Messaging (live chats within the contact center)
  • Various alerts
  • CTI Integration
  • Flexible customization
  • Multi-tenant support
  • Voice recording integration

Pick up Advanced Functions

(1) Flexible customization

Customizable by user upon business requirements.
Further enhanced "User-Customizable" functions greatly improve operational efficiency.

Call option

Input items can be added.
Types of items can be added are "Select list", "Text input field (short/long)", "Check box", "Dates" and "Display text".


Items, including user-added items, can be grouped together. It allows the screen to be cleared up when the required input items for each agent differ.

Tooltip and Annotation text

Tooltip for each item can be edited and its annotation text can be added
It helps agents input appropriate information quickly.

Layout change

Layout and colors of items, including added items as option, can be changed.

(2) Messaging (live chats)

Messaging enables FastHelp5 users to text-chat each other. Agent can ask questions or send requests to supervisor by FastHelp5 messaging, even during talking to customer over the phone.

Oh... I have no idea to answer the question..... Let's ask a help of supervisor with text-chat!

(3) Various alerts

Alert can be set according to the condition.
Alert can be set in multiple levels, up to 3 levels, according to severities. It can be sent via email and/or messaging. It helps supervisors and agents take right actions in appropriate time frame. Supervisors and agents can browse all alerts and their levels of severities to check the latest alert status of contact center operations.

Alert can be sent as a Message

(4) Templates for FAQ

Knowledge search function supports agent to answer customers' inquiries quickly.

FAQ Search

Agents can search for registered FAQs by "category" and other conditions set, enabling them to reference responses to customers with similar inquiries.

Template Search

Agents can search for registered templates by "category" and other conditions set, cutting down on the time required to enter question and answer details, create reply emails, etc.

Similar Ticket Search

Agents can search for registered similar ticket histories by "category" and other conditions set, cutting down on the time required to enter question and answer details, create reply emails, etc.

Similar Mail Search

Agents can search for the similar past email based on "sent out date", "email address" and "the contents" to make it reference to answer about similar questions to customers.

Full-text Search

Full-text search can be executed with natural sentences and keywords. Agents can execute searches using keywords that come to mind from large amounts of information, greatly improving search efficiency.

(5) Report Management

Reporting function is provided to enable the viewing of multiple forms of statistical data at the same time. This gives a visual representation of KPIs.

Report definition

Cross tabulation report can be defined according to the various items registered to FastHelp. Supervisors can define frequently used report, preliminarily. It helps supervisors save a lot of time of report generations.

Report Generation

Report can be generated in a graph or table format.

And it also can be downloaded to files in "CSV" or "XLS" format for editing the files too.

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