Product Uniqueness

Improve productivity of Drug Information Center

FastHelp Pe (Pharmaceutical edition) is the CRM System specialized to Drug Information (DI) Center of Pharmaceutical Company. It is based on FastHelp which is the best practices of Contact Center CRM, and expanded its functions to support DI Center specific business operations.

Product Uniqueness

FastHelp Pe is off-the-shelf Contact Center CRM System specialized to DI Center for pharmaceutical companies.
It can manage all information gathered in DI Center, including Doctors, pharmacists, patients, MRs, their contact histories and etc., in a single DB.

Pick up Advantages of FastHelp Pe

Quick information sharing with MRs

FastHelp Pe can immediately notify the contents of inquiries from Doctors or Pharmacists and its responses at DI Center to MRs by email.
The setting to forward email can be made according to MR's skill.

Centralized Information delivers high quality customer service

FastHelp Pe stores/manages all information gathered in DI Center in a single DB, including all information of people who contacts to DI Center (Doctors, Pharmacists, Patients, MRs), establishment related to DI Center (Hospitals, Pharmacies, Dealers) and contact histories with them.
It automatically searches FAQs responded to the product inquired by customer. It enables agents to provide answers to customer quickly.

Intuitive and easy-to-use GUIs

Well designed GUI, to prevent fatigue even in a long time use, delivers improvement of operability to agents. Agent can change color of GUI according to mood.

Easy data integration with other systems

FastHelp Pe can be easily integrated with other systems such as ERP and medical information DB and etc. It enables crossover search of related information.

Customizable even in a short delivery time

FastHelp Pe offers short delivery time even customization is necessary to meet your business requirement.

The Best Practice for Drug information Center

FastHelp Pe is being used by a lot of leading pharmaceutical companies. It is the Best Practice for Drug Information Center, developed based on know-hows and requirements of these customers.

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