Product Uniqueness

Linking with LINE · Chat Bot

Contact center CRM system "FastHelp 5" in cooperation with customer support service for LINE corporate customer support "LINE Customer Connect" provides a hybrid type customer service solution for chat and call on LINE.

Product Uniqueness

Pick up Add [LINE] for customer support channel

In the contact center (call center), in addition to conventional customer support channels like telephone and email, it becomes possible to use a new communication application " LINE " as a customer service channel.
To do this it promotes the omni-channelization of corporate customer support and achieve higher customer satisfaction.

In the contact center (call center), in order to promote omni-channelization of customer support, it is possible to use the communication application

Customers will be able to make inquiries easily at LINE by using free time, so convenience will be dramatically increased. By connecting seamlessly with automatic response by "chatbot (AI dialogue engine)" equipped with artificial intelligence (AI), contact center (call center) "chat support by operator", "Phone support using LINE free call function", according to the contents of the inquiry and the customer's request, it becomes possible to complete the inquiry on LINE.
For corporations also, by utilizing automatic response by chat bot on LINE, it can improve response rate and improve customer support quality such as increasing the primary response rate, enabling reception on 24 hours a day, 365 days a year etc.. In addition, it is possible to reduce the number of inquiries by promoting self-resolution of customers, reduce calling charges by using LINE free call function, and improve operational efficiency by chat support, it contributes to efficient operation of contact center (call center) and to strengthening business with customers.

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