Main Functions

Linking with LINE · Chat Bot

Contact center CRM system "FastHelp 5" in cooperation with customer support service for LINE corporate customer support "LINE Customer Connect" provides a hybrid type customer service solution for chat and call on LINE.

Main Functions

Linkage with Chat and Call, AI Auto reply

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When an inquiry is sent at LINE, an automatic response by AI (= "1. Auto Reply" service provided by AI dialog engine "BEDORE") is conducted, thereby promoting customer's self-resolution.

In addition, when support for manned personnel is necessary, it is possible to switch to support by chat (= "2. Manual Reply" service provided by "CRM system" FastHelp 5 ") in the mid-flow, and the operator in charge is responsible Multiple customer correspondence can be done in parallel while referring to the past correspondence history and FAQ. It is also possible to use only chat support by manned without using automatic response by AI.

If you cannot resolve with chat support, can also switch to LINE call (= "3. LINE to Call"), so customers can complete inquiries only on LINE, convenience will be dramatically increased.

In addition, companies can provide high-quality customer service at low cost by adding LINE as a channel. By using FastHelp 5, as with traditional channels such as phones and e-mails, it is possible to accumulate history of correspondence at LINE, so that it is possible to respond smoothly to every inquiry, and supports the company's omni-channel.

Pick up LINE Customer Connect

"LINE Customer Connect" is a service that enables contact centers to seamlessly perform with AI, manned chat support, voice call correspondence, etc. through LINE, and realize appropriate customer communication according to the situation and needs.

LINE Customer Connect is made up of the following four services, and can be installed on all or standalone basis.

1. Auto Reply

It is a service that makes an automatic response to inquiries from customers. It works with AI dialogue engines using natural language processing technology.

2. Manual Reply

It is a service that the chat operator manually responds to inquiries from customers. It works linking with CRM system

3. LINE to Call

This service enables customers to make VOIP calls to contact centers by LINE 's free call function.It cooperates with PBX which can connect with free call function of LINE.

4. Call to LINE

Call center staff will send message to your LINE account and you can connect back via your LINE message.

LINE カスタマーコネクトの4つのサービス「1. Auto Reply」「2. Manual Reply」「3. LINE to Call」「4. Call to LINE」についてスマホ表示画面で説明します。

Pick up Manual Reply / Chat Support by operator [FastHelp]

In LINE Customer Connect "2. Manual Reply" uses "FastHelp 5" as CRM system for manned chat support. If it is not resolved by automatic response by chat bot, switch to manned correspondence by operator. In addition, it is also possible to use "2. Manual Reply (manned correspondence)" only without using "1. Auto Reply(automatic response)".

As with other channels such as telephone and e-mail, it is possible for the operator to leave a response history of inquiries via LINE, it enables centrally manage of information, it is useful for new creation and updating of response scripts and FAQ, for improving efficiency of response and operational improvement.

Intuitive operation · Smooth customer response realized

Stick to the usability of the operator thoroughly, and add a new screen for LINE response.

  • Same as the smart phone screen, intuitive and easy-to-understand user interface
  • Concurrent display of threads (customer correspondence), multiple correspondence possible at the same time
  • Personnel (operator) can change during chat correspondence
  • There is an approval function that requests approval from the SV before sending a chat to the customer
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■ LINE response screen image in FastHelp5

Utilization of data history

Like the data on other channels, it is possible to search and download LINE's correspondence history, and it is useful for analyzing data in the call center.

  • It centrally manages of all information gathered at the contact center
  • It is possible to search and browse LINE history
  • It is possible to refer to past correspondence history from customers' other channels and to respond smoothly
  • It is possible to analyze such as aggregation / graphing
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Pick up Auto Reply / AI Engine

BEDORE (Bedoor) is an AI solution for call centers specialized in text analysis.

Using natural language analysis technology specialized in Japanese to understand the meaning of inquiries it makes automatic responses using FAQs learned beforehand. Based on inquiries from tens of millions of users, install tens of millions of words "similarity" as standard, it responds to fluctuations of words. In addition, it has the mechanism to continue to grow based on customer feedback, and to grow to become a more accurate automatic response engine. By utilizing the automatic response function by this AI engine, it becomes possible to improve the self-resolution rate of the customer.

In addition, this AI engine can be used in various situations such as chat inside the LINE · Web · call center and operator support.

As for response method, it can be chosen 2 types, "Simple response" to display one or more answers and respond using inquiries in customer's natural sentence using prepared FAQ data, or "Talk script format" which responds interactively using prepared FAQ data.

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