How it works (Implementation image)

Linking with LINE · Chat Bot

Contact center CRM system "FastHelp 5" in cooperation with customer support service for LINE corporate customer support "LINE Customer Connect" provides a hybrid type customer service solution for chat and call on LINE.

How it works (Implementation image)

Enable "LINE" correspondence as a new support channel

In LINE Customer Connect collaboration solution, in addition to existing channels such as existing phones and e-mails, it can support LINE newly.

Centering on "LINE" by smoothly switching FAQ automatic response and chat support by operator, it realizes higher quality customer service.

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Advantage of implementation

Improvement of Customer Satisfaction

By increasing the number of correspondence channels, it realizes contact center to connect anytime, anywhere, quickly. It leads to improved customer satisfaction.

Improvement of work efficiency

By replacing telephone correspondence with chat correspondence, response efficiency will be greatly improved. In addition, FAQ-based automatic reply promotes customer's self-resolution and contributes to reducing the number of inquiries.

Improvement of cost performance

By being replaced traditional phones with LINE chat or call, it leads to cost savings. In addition the reduction in the number of phone calls can reduce the burden on contact center staff.

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